About Us

The initiative of Raheeq Pakistan was sparked by the unhealthy eating habits of people, instilled by the Pakistani culture where the idea of roadside snakcing is much more appealing than pure and healthy snacking. This is where Vita Food came up with the solution of Raheeq. An elegant brand offering 100% natural honey and dates directly from the forest/trees and farms to the consumers in Pakistan without any additives and impurities. 
This purity of natural sweetness compliments your lunch and dinner in an unforgettable way while keeping your health in check. 


It started as simple as any given venture with an objective of selling premium quality dates and honey in Pakistan. But upon research our team realised how the market is massively dominated by unhealthy and risky confectioneries (mithai). So, it became our goal to provide healthier and better tasting alternatives on your special events like Eid, Family and Wedding Ocassions.
Prepared, packed and refined in the city of lights, Karachi. Raheeq has been offering premium quality dates and 100% natural honey in Pakistan since 2019. 


"To make organic food like honey and dates the new normal in the Pakistani society and to replace unhealthy, life risking confectioneries with healthier alternatives like impure honey."